We Are Safe Cannabis Co.

We come from humble beginnings. Growing up in Southern California, we we’re exposed to cannabis at an early. After being recreational users for many years, we got tired of the chemically infested products at our local dispensaries.

Our passion sparked into a company. Since then we’ve been on a mission to provide the safest products in the industry, free of pesticides and hormones. Our motto is simple: get high on our own supply. We create products that are trustworthy and enjoyable for all of us.

With our priority being safety, we've worked with industry experts to bring you the last brand you'll ever need.
As the industry grows, so do we. Our in the works products along with our in stock favorites are secured to be top line and easily enjoyable.
Our motto is GET HIGH ON OUR OWN SUPPLY. We believe in our product, we stand by it, and we guarantee excellence.

The best in the industry that cares about their products.

Frank S.

You can't go wrong with the diamond extract.

Zoe R.

5 stars hands down for Strawnana.

Carl T.