Safe Cannabis Co.

We’ve worked with industry experts to bring you the safest brand you’ll ever find. Staying safe. Staying true to you.

Organic cannabis

We never use pesticides or hormones in our products. 100% organic from seed to sale.

Fast delivery

We do fast same day delivery for all orders before 5pm.

Lab tested

All of our products are lab tested and held to a high company standard


Our motto is get high on our own supply . We wouldn't inhale a product that wasn't fit for our customers, and our rigorous testing standards represent that motto.

  • 100% organic.
    Our products are 100% organic and pesticide free
  • Hormone free
    We never use hormones to enhance our products, everything is all natural.
  • Optimal THC
    Our vapes range from 85-95% THC to ensure our customers are satisfied at the end of the day
  • Lab tested
    Our lab reports are always available for viewing here on our website.
  • Same day delivery
    We do same day delivery for all orders before 5pm.
  • Legally licensed
    We're fully complaint with federal regulations in order to keep our customers safe.

Our Mission and values

We have one simple mission: create the best cannabis products in the industry. We achieve this with our high reporting standards and strong understanding of cannabinoids. Cutting no corners and checking all boxes, we ensure that all of us inhale a product that’s safe and enjoyable.

Try our products

Check out our menu and lab reports below. If you want to place an order just contact us here.

How To Order

Simply contact us by phone or text to place an order. We do same day delivery for all orders before 5pm.